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Book People Problems

November 11, 2015

  1. When you are reading, and someone feels the need to interrupt you and ask you 10 million questions.

2. Your TBR pile is out of hand.

3) When you realize you left your book at home.

4) When someone returns your book to you in terrible condition…

5) If they return the book at all.

6) When Hollywood turns an amazing book into a terrible movie.

7) Knowing no matter how badly you want it, you can’t unread a book so you can read it again.

8) When you can’t find a comfortable position to read in.

9) Everyone raving about a book you loath.

10) Trying to get over the fact your favorite fictional character’s death.

11) Experiencing a book hangover

12) Book sniffing

13) When someone says you read too much.

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