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Movie Review: Gone Girl

September 30, 2015 ,


                                Gone Girl: Movie Review

                I can’t tell you how many times I have read a book and thought to myself, “This would be an awesome movie!” Sometimes I am lucky and someone agrees with me. After months and months of eagerly awaiting the movie, dreaming up ideal cast members, stalking IMDB for updates, finally the moment comes and it’s released. There are very few times, and I mean very few, when Hollywood knocks it out of the park. Then other times they do a moderately good job, and others they completely butcher the book and make me want to fire writers and directors alike.

                Gone Girl fortunately for those writers and directors falls into the moderately good category, so they will be allowed to keep their jobs for a bit longer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the overall story line of Gone Girl, allow me to give a brief synopsis.

                Nick Dunne awakes on his 5 year anniversary with a sense of dread he can’t quite place. He goes down stairs, has the traditional breakfast of crepes prepared by his wife Amy and then leaves the house. Hours later, Nick is contacted by means of a telephone call from one of his neighbors; his front door is wide open, and his indoor cat is sitting on the porch. When Nick returns home he finds an unexpected scene, iron still on, his living room in complete chaos, but what he doesn’t find is even more disturbing. His wife Amy is gone. As the story unfolds Nick looks more and more like the culprit, but could this all-American husband really be a killer?

                I know that it is difficult to take a book of several hundreds of pages and fit it into a two hour screen play; therefore, things must be cut. In this instance they did so quite successfully. They were able to cut small, fairly unimportant things from the story without butchering the storyline. The movie itself was mostly out of chronological order, but in my opinion wasn’t really that big of a deal – it still was easy to follow. I don’t feel as though the movie was able to capture the intense desperation of Nick the way Flynn was able to do in the book. Despite all of these things the movie pretty-well followed the book; a few tiny details were altered, small characters were not included, but nothing to send the ultimate Gone Girl fan into a tizzy.

                The casting for Gone Girl was definitely amazing. Too often when books are made into movies, they have a tendency to select unknown actor/actresses that have very small acting range with precisely two facial expressions who completely lack voice inflection. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was a magnificent choice for Desi. I couldn’t have chosen someone better myself. Ben Affleck was an amazing choice for Nick Dunne. He is the perfect choice for the “all American husband” that Nick Dunne fancies himself to be throughout the majority of the book. I’m not as familiar with Rosamund Pike, but I thought she brilliantly captured Amy and her…eccentricities shall I say? I don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t seen the movie or read the book. I would definitely suggest to those who haven’t that you do so.

I’m given Gone Girl the movie, 4 out of 5 stars.

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