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Review Endless Knight, by Kresley Cole

July 12, 2015

In Cole’s sequel to Poison Princess, his latest book picks up exactly where its predecessor left off. Evie is still trying against all odds to find the only person that can enlighten her, her grandmother. She is fighting against starvation, dehydration, cannibals, slavers, crazy militia, unpredictable weather, and Death. Did I mention Death? That’s good because he is about to become one of the biggest obstacles standing in between Evie and finding her Grandmother. Will she be able to take out death, or at least outrun him long enough to finish her quest? Or will things become more complicated than ever?

The first book in this series was well worthy of five stars and this book is no exception. So allow me to attempt to review this book without giving away any spoilers! Forgive me for vagueness, but no one likes a book ruined for them.

Endless Knight introduces several new characters, mostly tarot cards with epic powers. Each one is interesting and they make you question their every move. Who can be trusted? It definitely makes for an interesting read. Then there is Evie, who has not only began to learn how to use her powers, but has grown significantly in maturity. She has come a long ways from the cheerleader with silly boy problems to The Empress. Jack of course is still the intense, stubborn, sexy Cajun everyone knows and loves. Death is the character that surprised me the most. He is not at all what I expected, and the secrets he reveals about why he hates Evie are two juicy to pass up! I hate to admit it, but I think I’m more in love with him than Jack.

The world building in this novel continues to be a work of imaginary genius, from the unpredictable weather, the terrifying bagmen (zombie creatures), and cannibals, to the people who have turned insane due to desperate conditions. This is a dark place fraught with peril and uncertainty which makes for an excellent setting for any story, but makes this one in particular that much better.

Cole’s writing style is one of my favorites. She has a way of drawing the reader in and not letting go, even after the final page. Not to mention this ending has a way of bringing readers to their knees. She is a master of the cliff-hanger ending. And just when the reader feels as though they know what is going to happen next, she surprises them completely.

Endless Knight deserves no less than fives stars!


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