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What’s in a five star book?

June 29, 2015


books seems pretty easy, right? All it takes is an opinion and the knowledge of
how to type up said opinion on the computer. Actually, this is not the case at
all. It takes more than an opinion and a computer to write a book review,
especially one worth reading.  One of the things that has to be done is an
evaluation of what exactly you think a 5 star book is, and why. So, what makes
a 5 star book here at Brittney’s Book Nook? Well, I will tell you.

reading the book, I begin by breaking my review up into five parts, five parts
= five stars, brilliant, I know.

1)   Characters:
Character development is a critical part of any novel, it is imperative to a
book’s success that the characters have dimension and depth. No one likes to
read about a character that is as 2 dimensional as the pages on which they are
written about. The character needs to elicit some sort of feeling from the
reader. I would rather read a book about a character that I loathe than one
about a character that has less emotion than a cardboard cutout.

2)   World Building:
World building matters – it simply does. Characters don’t float around in a
black vortex of nothingness. Though that might make for an interesting read. If
the character lives in a dystopian society, it is important that the setting
supports that. If the storyline conflicts with the setting, it is frustrating
and confusing to the reader.

3)   Story line:
What is the story about? What is the point? Let’s face it, there aren’t a whole
lot of fresh ideas out there, but anything can be made new with the right
amount of imagination and tweaking. This is also where, at times, I am reading
a book and I think to myself, “Haven’t I read this book before?” That is never
a good thing for a reader to think, especially if they haven’t ever read that
book before.

4)   Author writing
style: This has can make or break the aforementioned storyline. An old idea can
be made new with the right writing style. When I pick up a book it is to escape
reality, to be out of my own head for a little while because sometimes even I
need a break from me. If I pick up a truly well-written book the world fades
away and nothing else matters. When the book I’m reading doesn’t do this for
me, it’s wildly disappointing. Furthermore, the maturity of the writing style
matters.  By maturity I’m not talking about steamy sex scenes and foul
language. I’m talking about whether the book sounds like it was written by a
mature writer? Or does it feel like a teenybopper wrote it? Is it written to
the level in which it was intended? I hate picking up a novel and feeling as
though I’m being talked down to. Those normally end up on the DNF list quick.

5)   Interest: This
is the biased star, I know that, but seeing as a review is an opinion I’m not
worried about it. The fifth star for me has to do with whether or not I truly
enjoyed a work or not. Sometimes a book can already have four stars, but I
can’t stand the subject matter or it simply wasn’t my cup of tea. There are
plenty of books out there that have amazing characters, setting, storyline and
writing styles, but I will still not like it. That is why my opinion, and my
overall interest are only worth one star. Now, does that mean because I rate a
book four stars that it was technically good but I hated the subject matter?
No. In order to know how I feel a book the review simply has to be read. I
normally specify if and why I like or dislike a book in the review.

Your turn,
when you read a book, how do you determine whether it was good or not? What is a
five star book to you? And if you’re a blogger what is your rating scale and
why? Comment below and let us know!



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