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Review: Pet Semetary by Stephen King

June 26, 2015

Hello lovelies!

I know what you are thinking, “Why on earth is she reviewing a Stephen King novel? That is not YA!” You are definitely right, it is not young adult. However, my boyfriend who is a lover of authors such as; Stephen King, Ann Rice, and Dean Koontz has been requesting a review for one for a while. So, I finally broke down and agreed to review a King novel.



Pet Sematary

by Stephen King

Pet SematarySometimes dead is better….

When Dr. Creed and his family move to a rural part of Maine, things seem like they are, well, perfect. They live in a beautiful house, Dr. Creed has become best friends with his elderly neighbor, and even the cat seems to be happy with his new surroundings. Then an unexpected death sets a terrifying ripple effect into motion. Who will make it out alive?

I have to admit that seeing this movie a few years ago on TV made me want to read it. This book was fair. It definitely had its share of pros and cons for me.

First of all, I love the overall idea of the book, necromancy is definitely a horror to even think about. Therefore it makes a perfect topic for a book intended to elicit that particular emotion. It is intriguing that a children’s pet cemetery could cause so much chaos.


– I enjoy the story idea, it’s fascinatingly creepy.

– I love to hate the ending, it is not happy but it seems like the punishment fits the crime.

– The book held my interest all the way through.

– Several points in the plot were unpredictable at plenty of points, especially the end.

– This story was a nice change in pace from my usual reads, and a needed one.


  • As with most of King’s books, it took a while for the book to become interesting.
  • King has a tendency to be long winded, of which I am not particularly fond.
  • This story could have been scarier; it seemed a bit lacking.

Overall, Pet Semetary was a decent read. I think a movie remake would be awesome!

I give this work:3star

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