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Review: Poison Princess!!

May 15, 2015

PoisonHello Lovelies!

I know, I know, I have reviewed this book before, but I have re-read this book in preparation for the third sequel. So, what better way to celebrate it then by re-reviewing it? This is my absolute FAVORITE series!!! So allow me to tell you why! If you haven’t picked this book up I honestly encourage you to do so! And if you love it as much as I did leave me a comment and let me know! And keep checking back for the reviews of the sequels, Endless Knight and Dead of Winter!!



”Come, touch….but you’ll pay the price”

Evangeline is your normal every day girl, well except that she sent the summer in the CLC, a place for children with mental illnesses. Oh and except for the part where she has hallucinations, and hears voices, but other than that she is completely normal. Her mother and doctors believe she is suffering from these things due to her grandmother brainwashing her at a young age. Now, Evie is back from a summer at the CLC, and just wants everything to go back to normal. No one except her and her mother know about her extended stay in the mental hospital so it should be pretty easy right? At first it is, she is back in school, doing the things she loves; cheerleading, and hanging with her bestie. She is back to dealing with normal problems too, like whether or not to give her v-card up to her jock boyfriend, despite being barely attracted to him. Or trying to deal with the constant stares she is encountering by the hot new bayou boy Jackson. Yes, indeed everything seems to be falling right into place. Until the voices and hallucinations begin to trickle back into Evie’s mind. Then a catastrophic of apocalyptic proportions takes place, and Evie realizes maybe her Grandmother wasn’t the raving lunatic everyone thought she was. Now she must rely on the one person from school she couldn’t stand to not only protect her but to help her find her Grandmother so she can figure all this out. They set out against zombies, cannibals, slavers and an evil militia, will they make it?

Kresley Cole, I thought I knew love before I read this book, but I was so very wrong. This is the first book I ever read by Cole and I immediately fell in love. I cannot speak for her other series but this one is on the top of my list of re-readables! I love the characters, the storyline, the writing style, you name it, I love it. This book is action packed, with just the right amount of romance. I am in total awe. This is a book that I can completely lose myself in.

The characters are amazing. My absolute favorite is Jackson Deaveax the hot Cajun with the bad attitude. First of all, I looooooove his dialect. I haven’t heard much Cajun French in my life but it sure is hot dripping from this boys lips. He is a little rough around the edges, but it’s all a defense mechanism and who can blame a guy for that? Especially one who has a tough life. Evangeline, starts off being one of the girls in high school I most likely would have hated, but throughout the novel turns into someone that I not only respect but adore. She is a normal girl hurled into a situation that is anything but and still somehow manages to stay sane. Then there is Death, yes Death. Though he is a minor and menacing character in this novel I love to hate him, he fascinates me. What is his problem?

This book is unlike any other I have read before it. It was like my very first trip to Hogwarts, I am in love. The world building is phenomenal, seriously. It can be frustrating when you feel like you have read the same book about 5000 times. I did not one single page feel like I had read this before. It was like a literary smack in the face, a well needed one at that. Besides who doesn’t love an action packed apocalyptic storyline with romance, and a tarot card twist?

Cole has a unique writing style that draws you in and won’t let you go. The house could have been on fire while I was reading this book and I wouldn’t have noticed until I myself became in engulfed in flames. It is clear, she is educated in her writing style and choice of language. The pacing of the story is perfect, not at any time did I feel as though the book needed to pick up the pace. The characters are well developed, interesting, relatable, exciting and unpredictable. The world building is dark, fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. The plot line is epic! I could gush about this novel for days.

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Great review!! I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers Award, check out the link for more info:


Kathy K

May 22, 2015

Thank you so much!!!



May 23, 2015

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