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An Unexpected Performance by Kim Smith

October 28, 2014

An Unexpected PerformanceAn Unexpected Performance by Kim Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Unexpected Performance by Kim Smith begins with two high school students who have been cast as leads in the school play. Then an innocent kiss in front of a magic mirror changes everything when they are transported to a different time. Now they find that in order to fit in they must perform their parts perfectly or the consequences could be dire.
I have decided to grade this book with four stars for its writing style, characters and storyline.
The first thing that came to my notice upon reading this novel was the authors writing style. Smith’s writing in this novel is clean and easy to follow. Furthermore, her prose flows evenly without being overly complicated. This made the novel a quick and comfortable read.
Secondly, I thought they character development in this novel was very good. I found both CJ and Josh to be likeable characters. I also felt as though they acted appropriately for their ages. Then as the story progressed the characters did some personal growing which is something I look for in any novel. Also, the boys in this novel were exactly how I remember boys in high school being.
The story line itself was interesting and creative. I wasn’t always sure what was going to happen next, which of course is key to a good book. Despite the upper level vocabulary in this novel, I feel as though it could easily be read by ages 13 and older.
Also, I would like to mention I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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