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Opposite Book Tag

October 26, 2014


Hello readers and fellow bloggers! I have been tagged in the opposite book post by my friend at So, I am excited to share my answers! I am even more excited to read the answers of my fellow book lovers and bloggers! All of my selections are either based on books I have read, books that are on my bookshelf or the those books on my TBR pile that are begging to be read.


First book in my collection/ Last book I bought:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – This was the first book I bought with my own money my junior year of high school.

The Cure for Driving – I bought this novel online on Monday and am hoping it will come in soon.



A cheap/expensive book:


16056408[1]Easy is a novel I bought this book for $2.50 on sale at Books-A-Million

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix special edition, I bought this book at a used bookstore called The Bookworm for about 40$ though it retails for about $60.



A book with a male protagonist/female protagonist:


Anna Dressed in Blood – I didn’t realize how few books I have read with a male protagonist until I had to search my bookshelf for one. This story is about a ghost hunter named Cass. I have read online that this book could possibly be made into a movie.

Grave Mercy is the first in the My Fair Assassin series. The heroine in this book has been trained as a handmaiden to death, and carries out assassinations as he bids her.


A book I read fast/slow:


Shatter Me is the first in a series. I think I read this book in one sitting in a matter of hours. I love books like that.

Insurgent, unlike the first book in this series, (divergent) this one took me at least three weeks to read, it started off really interesting and then went cold. I had a hard time making my way through it. Perhaps that is why I haven’t read the final book in this trilogy yet.

Pretty/Ugly Cover:


The One is the third book in The Selection series. This book has such a beautiful cover, and so do the others in this series, this one is my favorite though.

Dead to the World is one of the many Sookie Stackhouse books. I hate to say that though I enjoyed this series (which the HBO show True Blood is based on) I really think the cover art is terrible.


National/International book:


Only Ever Yours is a stand-alone book written in Ireland by Louise O’ Neill. I really enjoyed this book.

Archetype is the first of a science fiction series by American author MD Waters.


Thin/Thick book :


Mary the Summoning is about 230pgs

Perfect is about 622 pgs






The other Boleyn Girl is a historical fiction novel written by the exceptional Philippa Gregory. This book was made into a movie starring Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansen.

A child called ‘It” is an emotional read. This book made me cry at times. At other times I threw it across the room and then pick it back up. It is written by a man, whom as a child experienced unspeakable abuses by his mother.







The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window is New Young Adult stand-alone novel. This story is about a girl who falls in love with her brother’s best friend.

The Hunger Games for those who may not know is the first book in a trilogy. This book is packed with action. I love all three of these books.


A book that made me happy/sad:


Ascend by Amanda Hocking is the third book in the Trylle trilogy. This book has wonderful characters and ended the way I was hoping it would.

Sever is the third book in the My Chemical Garden series, which is one of my favorites. However, it’s one of those books with the death of a character that you simply will never get over.

So now here is the part where I get to tag my fellow bloggers for their book opposites! If I tag you I will let you know but of your you dont’ have to participate if you choose. If I don’t tag you,  you are welcome to join in anyway! Let me know when you post yours because I’m eager to see your answers.


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