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Break My Heart 1,000 times

October 12, 2014

Break My Heart 1,000 TimesBreak My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Veronica lives in a world that in shadow of a cataclysmic event that killed 2 million people. In the days that follow, ghost can be seen at every turn, like broken records replaying over and over. However, something much more nefarious is on the horizon for Veronica, someone wants her dead.

I want to begin by stating that I think that Daniel Waters has such a fascinating imagination. If you haven’t read his Generation Dead series, I would definitely recommend it.

Break My Heart 1,000 times was simply okay, from beginning to end. I gave this book two stars because I really thought his world building was very good and different. However, I have to say that everything past that point is merely okay. The characters weren’t particularly remarkable, the plot was predictable, and so was the ending. I also was annoyed by the fact that a large portion of the book centers around this “event”, and yet nothing about the event is explained. I’m not suggesting that the cause is what I was seeking, but instead details about what happened. Yet as I waded through this book expecting to find answers, none appeared. Also, I really had to push myself to finish this novel , which I really dislike doing because it makes reading a chore. I wouldn’t suggest this read to others.

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