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Only Every Yours

October 5, 2014

Only Ever YoursOnly Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once upon a time there was a beautiful love story, where a boy met a girl, fell in love and they lived happily every after. This is not that story. That being said, this book has very adult situations and content . I wouldn’t suggest it for readers under 15.

Frieda (hate that name) lives in a world in which women are no longer born, instead they are created in a lab. They are called “eves” and they grow up in a school where they are taught to be beautiful and perfect. They are molded into the perfect male fantasy. They are taught that men don’t like women who are too smart, women who show emotion, women who aren’t exactly 115lbs. These girls are put under tremendous pressure to be perfect. It’s a wonder they don’t completely lose it.

I have to begin my review by stating, I have read two other books with a very similar theme to this one, and I gave them both one star. I found this book to be clever, interesting, and mind boggling. That being said, some places in this book are hard to read because of their content. However, these weren’t gratuitous scenes, they served a purpose in the world building. One of my favorite things is the way O’Neill used capitalization to show their place in society. All of the eve’s names begin with a lowercase letter where as, all the men’s names begin with capitals. At first I was confused as to why this were taking place.

I have to say all the arguing and cattiness between the girls became boring over time and made me have flashbacks of high school. This is my only major complaint.

The ending was a major surprise, the book was heading on course for a fairy tale ending until veered off and hit a tree. It was refreshing to read something unpredictable for a change. Though the ending wasn’t what I wanted for the characters, it was unexpected and I loved that.

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