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Perfected By Kate Jarvik Birch

July 25, 2014

 3 out of 5✰✰✰
 Ella wasn’t born, she was bred. She is a pet; her soul purpose in life is for the amusement of others. She has been trained her whole existence to be a pretty little prize sold to the highest bidder. The worst part is, it’s 100% legal.
I normally take a day after finishing a novel to allow it to soak in before writing a review. Even after thinking about Perfected for over a day, this was a difficult book review to write. I liked this book, but at the same time I didn’t like it. I give Birch credit for her creativity, for sure; however, her execution is lacking.
The topic at hand is a touchy one, I have to admit. I don’t mind controversial subject matter but there were moments in this novel when I wanted to slap some men around. The plot made this book interesting to read, and that was the reason that I kept turning the pages.
The execution of this story was lacking in my opinion. There wasn’t any real depth to the storyline or to the characters. First of all, there wasn’t any world building in this story. The book is all about the law for these “pets” (the main character is considered at pet).
Despite this there is absolutely no back story about the law. Also, Ella, the main character, doesn’t really have any depth. I know she has been trained from birth for being a “pet,” but she lacks any emotional depth that would make you care about her situation. Furthermore, the love story itself  lacks development. One moment Penn dislikes Ella, the next he can’t sleep because of his fascination with her.
I just felt like the author skimmed the surface of this book. I wish she would have really dug into it.  At the same time I did like it. I found it an easy read and I would most likely read a sequel. I give Perfected a 3 star rating.

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