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A Mad Wicked Folly

June 30, 2014 , ,


3 Stars

3 out of 5 stars✰✰✰

Victoria is a 17-year-old girl living during the Edwardian era in London. She has everything a girl could possibly want, except for the one thing that means anything to her. Victoria loves to draw and wants nothing more than to go to college to become a great artist. However, her father refuses to allow her to do so because it isn’t the “done” thing. All Victoria’s father wants is for her to have a good marriage, and be a dutiful wife and daughter.

Upon reading this book’s summary I thought to myself “this main character sounds like a spoiled brat. I may hate her.” I was pleasantly surprised at how likable I found Victoria. She isn’t at all like I pictured her. She’s smart and completely in love with her art. She is relatable and for this I like her.

I found this book to be very likable, from the characters down to the writing style of the author. Personally, I have always liked historical fiction, though because it is a little dry it isn’t something I read frequently. I thought this book was well written, and that the characters were well-developed.

In the end I gave this book a 3 star rating because I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t all enthralling as I prefer my books to be. Also, I was disappointed that the book didn’t cover more of the relationship development between Victoria and Will. The book felt a little rushed at the end in my opinion, which unfortunately seems to be unbelievably common in writing today. I do hope that Walker writes more young adult fiction.

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